The NMGIA slogan "Sui Generis" pronounced (SOO-ee JEN-ər-iss) is a Latin phrase that means "of its own kind, in a class by itself", therefore "unique". We use this to describe the unique gang trends and dynamic at play in New Mexico.

The NMGIA seal was inspired by our states newest license plate. The seven stars beneath the logo represent the seven regions as adopted from the NM HIDTA Investigative Support Center.

The NMGIA tagline is derived from the thin blue line flag, which symbolizes support for law enforcement. Additionally, the color blue in the U.S flag represents Vigilance, Perseverance & Justice.


New Mexico is traditionally bound by the age old mentality of "why do something different, if this is how we've always done it?". The limited resources in our state designed to directly combat gangs have become static. We had a different vision of what it could be and should be. The idea was built upon what we sought in our daily job functions as criminal justice professionals. After months of planning and research, we set out on that journey. The NMGIA inaugural meeting was held on September 11th, 2020. The association was incorporated on October 2nd, 2020 and received its non-profit 501 (c) (3) status on January 7th, 2021.


Increased awareness of gangs and gang activity within the State of New Mexico and to be an invaluable asset to criminal justice professionals in recognizing and combating gang activity. We are committed to providing current information and establishing a network between the NMGIA membership, fellow associations, criminal justice agencies and the State Legislature.

Additionally we strive to achieve the following moving forward;

  • A closer coordinated relationship among gang investigators with views towards a more extensive and rapid dissemination and exchange of information concerning gang-related incidents, suspects and investigations.

  • Legislation that would tend to decrease or curb the occurrence of gang-related crimes.

  • Regularly aid and assist the judiciary and related agencies in the adjudication of criminal defendants.

  • The support of the public that they themselves might be better protected and educated in the prevention of any organized criminal activity.

  • Community partnerships between criminal justice agencies and the private sector with the goal of reducing gang crime and involvement of youths in criminal gang activity;

  • An established Prevention, Intervention, Education, and Enforcement program and initiatives to identify and deter at-risk individuals from involvement in criminal gang activities.

  • Provide training on gangs, other organized criminal activities, tactics, philosophies, etc., to members along with criminal justice professionals and the community upon request.

  • Enhance official understanding on the importance of gang investigations and encourage general recognition of the practice of such as a professional field.

  • Develop standards of competency for the profession and support professional standards of career development for gang investigators, including pre-employment education, standards of recruiting and selection, training, and programs for continuing professional development.

  • Develop new methods and techniques that will assist investigators in the identification and apprehension of gang members suspected of crimes.

  • Be a trusted resource for all agencies, governmental and private, who are attempting to develop new techniques and systems.

  • Recognize and reinforce the concepts of professionalism, integrity, dedication to service, and outstanding contributions among gang investigators.

  • Facilitate improved performance quality in gang investigations by furnishing advisory and related services.

  • Conduct research studies related to gangs and gang activity.

  • Provide mechanisms for the dissemination of information regarding gangs and gang activity.