Custom Tailored Curriculum

If you or your agency are seeking training on a specific topic, we are always open to suggestions. Contact our Training Director for more details on how to create a custom tailored curriculum to meet you and/or your agencies needs. Our training is your training, we simply provide a structured final product to deliver based on the material provided!

Exchange Program

Our mentorship initiative is designed to expose our members to experienced professionals in the field of gang investigations. This also provides for a unique opportunity to network and establish working relationships with other gang investigators across the state. Take full advantage of gaining knowledge about other agency's techniques and methods, gaining insight into the criminal gang subculture and gaining perspective from other environments. Subject to available funding and participating agency SOP, contact the Training Director for more information or to request to participate.

Note: Only available to Regular Members in good standing. We can provide funding to cover expenses for room, board and travel as needed. Funding requests are assessed on a case by case basis.

Host a Pro

Learn from an experienced criminal justice professional at your agency and in your daily job functions. Effective when trying to develop new techniques, methods and systems to combat gang activity.

Pro a Host

Learn from an experienced criminal justice professional at their agency in their daily job functions. Take experience, knowledge and a new perspective back home with you.


We are always seeking venues to host training across the state. Open up your doors to a unique opportunity to network, learn, discuss, exchange ideas and participate in board functions. Hosting agency participants receive free membership for the first year and the agency as a whole is nominated for the awards program. Contact the Membership Director for more information.

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