Individual Membership


NMGIA has two individual membership classes you can apply for, renewable annually.

  • Regular – $30.00 (USD)

  • Associate – $15.00 (USD)

  • Honorary (as designated by the NMGIA Board)

  • Lifetime Members (as designated by the NMGIA Board)


  • Regular Members: Law enforcement officers, correctional officers, probation and parole officers, juvenile and youth services officers, city, state, federal intelligence and investigations officers, city attorneys, county / district attorneys, state attorneys, or US attorneys, judges, and other Criminal Justice professionals with an interest in gang activity, who are of high moral character, who have demonstrated a high degree of integrity, and who agree to follow and adhere to the Bylaws of NMGIA.

  • Associate Members: Civilian employees or retired full-time civilian employees of a criminal justice agency, individuals employed by a private industry or educational institution which exhibits an interest in gang activity and criminal justice support; whose talents and interest are of benefit to the Association.

  • Honorary Members: Any person who has done or is doing outstanding work for or providing support to the Association as an Honorary Member.

  • Life-Time membership: May be awarded to members based on distinguished service or contributions to the Association.


New members receive a membership card and access to "Members Only" online resources. All NMGIA members receive publications, reduced registration fees for conferences and training, networking and the opportunity to participate in regional functions. NMGIA holds at least one annual conference, additional seminars and training are held at the local and regional levels or online.

  • The NMGIA newsletter, is published periodically and features news from NMGIA’s regions, committees, and members. There are also articles of interest to gang investigators and listings of available training.

  • NMGIA membership is required to qualify for and maintain NM Gang Specialist Certification.

  • NMGIA holds Board Meetings once a month or as needed at various locations or online. Members are welcome to attend. Additionally, members may request special or general intelligence meetings to discuss gang related topics.


Our application process is designed to ensure the quality and security of our membership. The process is outlined below;

  1. Application: Your application will be reviewed within 1-2 business days after being submitted.

  2. Interview: The Membership Director will conduct an initial interview with you.

  3. Sponsor: If you have a sponsor that is a Regular Member, we will conduct an interview with them regarding your application. If you requested sponsorship, the membership Director will decide whether or not to sponsor you during your initial interview.

  4. Notification: You will receive a membership acceptance notification via email with a request for proof of qualifying employment and a current photo of yourself for your membership identification card.

  5. Annual Dues: As soon as we receive the requested items, we will send you an invoice for annual dues. If you registered for one of our courses, we will conduct an initial interview with you upon receipt of your training registration. If accepted, we require that you submit a Membership Application prior to attending the course and pay your invoice.

  6. Membership Package: We will generate your Membership Package an mail it out to your preferred correspondence address.

  7. Membership Agreement: Once you receive your package, navigate to the provided address, review our governing documents and submit your Membership Agreement.

  8. Access Links: Once we receive your response, we will send you a link for access to our members only online resources. As soon as you have access, please follow the instructions to properly setup your account and profile.