The New Mexico Gang Investigators Association is a non-profit organization comprised of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Prosecution, Intelligence, and Probation & Parole, dedicated to mitigating and suppressing gang-related crime in New Mexico through information sharing, enhanced awareness through training, and inter-agency cooperation.


New Mexico ranks #1 in the nation for property crime, followed by #2 in violent crime and #6 for drug-related crime. For every 1 police officer out in the streets, there are 5+ documented gang members. More than half of the inmate population in New Mexico's jails and prisons are documented gang members, who attribute to majority of institutional drug trafficking and violence. The state of New Mexico is 1 of 5 without laws that define gang-related terms and the only state without laws that provide for penalties (including enhanced penalties), fines, or damages for gang-related criminal acts. Gang units are shutting down across the state, with an already limited amount of resources to directly address gang-related issues in New Mexico. Additionally, we were one of the few states in the nation without a gang investigators association until now!


Gangs are an international and domestic threat, offering at minimum a network of criminal associates. In some cases have been structured as paramilitary organizations. Some identify with and have gone as far as traveling to fight along side known terrorist organizations. According to an unofficial estimate, 2-5% of our military personnel have some level of gang affiliation. Gangs are evolving beyond the traditional "barrio" concept, forming new alliances and partnering with TCOs. Members are of mixed races, ethnicity, may belong to more than one gang and switch between them.


A gang is defined as a group or association of three or more persons who may have a common identifying sign, symbol, or name and who individually or collectively engage in, or have engaged in, criminal activity which creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation.


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